Fee Structure

Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) monthly fee: $75.00 per month, per truck.

Set-Up fee: $40.00 per month, based on number of months as O/O during current year.  Example: If you were an O/O for the six month period from February through July, your set-up fee would be $240.00  ($40.00 X 6  months as O/O). This fee covers our cost of posting and sorting the receipts you have collected to date, and the activation of your account.

We no longer accept Company Drivers as monthly clients.  (The deductions for employee business expenses and Per-Diem have been eliminated by the Tax Reform Act.)

Computation of Federal and State tax returns for O/O's who do not subscribe to our monthly service: $40.00 per month for each month you were an Owner/Operator during the tax year. The Minimum charge is $175. Example: If you were an Owner/Operator for the entire 12 month period, the fee would be $475.00.

Over-Night shipping charge: If you require over-night service of tax returns or other paperwork, the fee is the actual cost of postage/shipping, plus a $20 service charge.

Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and Partnership Fees: Same as those fees charged to the Owner/Operator. (We do not charge a higher fee just because you are incorporated as an LLC or wish to have your tax return filed as a family or husband/wife partnership.)

At the end of each tax year your receipts will be returned to you along with your tax return for a fee equal to the actual Priority Mail postage.